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Welcome to the new home page for the SOAR Catalog. This page will provide the latest information about what's in the catalog, what's being added, and where it is headed. We hope that, with a more visible presence on the web made possible by a site dedicated to just our ever-growing catalog, more and more people around the world who are becoming aware of the strong case for Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, being the true "Shake-speare" will find us, and will then find out just how much has already been researched and written about one of the most fascinating -- and we believe, important -- subjects in the world over the past century or two: understanding how Shakespeare became Shakespeare. And then understanding just what that really means.

What is SOAR?

  • A catalog/database owned and managed by the New England Shakespeare Oxford Library in Somerville (MA). It is dedicated to bringing together in one place all the articles, essays, papers, book reviews and news reports that have been published by Oxfordian and other authorship organizations over the past century (i.e., since 1920, when J.Thomas Looney's first hypothesized, in Shakespeare Identified, that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, was in fact the man behind the "Shake-speare" pen name).
  • SOAR is closely associated with the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship and the De Vere Society, which are the two most prominent organizations presently researching and promoting the Oxfordian theory. All the publications of these two organizations are cataloged in SOAR, along with all the publications of past Oxfordian and/or affiliated Shakespeare authorship organizations.
  • The catalog is maintained at LibraryWorld, and can be searched by clicking on the link above. Detailed instructions on how to search the catalog are available at the SOAR catalog page
  • The records in SOAR have been compiled over the past ten years, working with James Warren and his Index to Oxfordian Publications (now in its fourth edition, available at amazon.com). SOAR is in effect the online version of the index. 
  • All SOAR catalog records include not only the basic bibliographic information about an article but also  --whenever available -- a link to an online version of the text. Presently there are online links to the full text of articles and/or of complete newsletter issues for all the material published in the Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter (1965-1995), the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter (1996 to date), Shakespeare Matters (2001-2013), the Shakespeare Fellowship newsletter (1939-1943, American), the Shakespeare Fellowship Quarterly (1944-1948, American), the Edward de Vere Newsletter (1989-1994), The Oxfordian (1998 to date), and Brief Chronicles (2009-2016).  Eventually all records will also include a brief abstract and/or an excerpt from the article itself, and subject tags. 
  • For material not available online, library members and SOAR subscribers may request a scanned copy from the library. 
  • The catalog, as of the end of 2019, includes more than 7,800 unique entries for articles published in hundreds of publications (Oxfordian and non-Oxfordian) over the past 250 years, along with selected chapters and essays from books, selected unpublished papers, and essays and articles on selected websites and blogs. More than 5,000 of these entries are for articles in Oxfordian publications about the Shakespeare Authorship Question itself (ranging from short research notes to longer research articles on key issues within Shakespeare and Shakespeare authorship studies), with the remainder being book and film reviews, news reports, coverage of authorship society conferences and meetings, letters to the editor, and obituaries. 
  • In addition to the Oxfordian publications covered, SOAR also contains more than 2,000 records for Shakespeare authorship related feature articles, book and film reviews, and news items that have been published in more than 100 publications (ranging from major newspapers to small magazines and newsletters to academic journals) around the world.

Future Plans

  • Providing online access to the full text of all articles presently cataloged, but not yet linked to a full text source. In 2020 PDF copies of all the past issues of the Elizabethan Review, the De Vere Society Newsletter, and the Shakespeare Fellowship Newsletter (1937-1958, English) will become available on the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship's Publications Page; links from SOAR records for these titles will be made to all these issues.
  • Providing (also in 2020) PDF copies of the "Shakespeare Fellowship" page in the Shakespeare Pictorial (1929-1936), and the "Oxfordian" column in The Shakespeare Newsletter (1979-2001); they will be added to our own SOAR archive, and links to them added to the SOAR records. In addition all the past issues of The Bard and The Shakespearean Authorship Reviewwill soon be added.
  • Adding articles from other authorship publications supporting alternative candidates, such as Marlowe, Bacon, etc., and articles related to the Shakespeare authorship question and the Oxfordian theory from both print and web-based resources, including web pages and blogs. 
  • Adding online versions of original manuscripts, letters and other documents relating to the Shakespeare authorship question in general, mainstream Shakespeare texts and studies, and Elizabethan literature, politics and history.

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Subscriptions: You can help in building and maintaining the SOAR catalog by subscribing, or by making a donation supporting the project. Subscriptions and/or donations not only help us with the real costs of maintaining and enhancing SOAR, but will also entitle you to be provided with scanned copies of any articles not available for open online access. The New England Shakespeare Oxford Library has hard copy or PDF copies of nearly everything listed in SOAR.

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